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Our company offers complete solutions for insulations, thermal insulations and waterproofing.

Our company goal is to be able to offer high quality scientific solutions for every form of insulation projects and to be the most reliable and notable company in its field.


Company Overview

Monosi Net has many years of experience in the insulation field. We are backed up by a highly qualified personnel and we offer high quality scientific solutions to our customers.


Insulation  - Thermal Insulation and Waterproofing Solutions:

MONOSI SPF - Insulation with spray polyurethane foam

Moisture measurements along walls, floors and rooftops.

Thermographic inspections.

Special solutions for dealing with upward crawling moisture.

Solution with Mianic BlockingSolutions using Electrophoresis

Αerozing –Solution for dealing with mold

Solutions for leakage.



Thermal Insulation with polyurethane foam SPF


Monosi SPF 

This is the most flexible and energy efficient polyurethane system spray that leads to the creation of hard foam (polyurethane type) with sealed combs.

This insulation solution is approved for a complete and perfect thermal insulation and waterproof sealing of any sort of construction. It substantially decreases the cost of cooling or heating, it waterproofs and finally it reinforces a building structures integrity.





Very fast and easy installation

Complete waterproofing in less than 30 seconds.

100% installation on any surface longlife span

Does not create thermal-bridging

Fireproofing(Β2 class, DIN4102, Part2)

Thermal resistance at temperatures ranging from -50οC until 120οC

Perfect for installing on vertical surfaces

Resistant at extreme weather conditions

Perfect choice for bent surfaces.It avoids the possibility of any leakage.





- On rooftops

- On walls (interior / exterior)

- Steel constructions

- On shingles





Energy efficiency

Decreases CO2

Helps the Ozone Layer

It is recyclable





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